Challenges Forum

The Challenges Forum is a strategic and dynamic platform for constructive dialogue among leading policymakers, practitioners and academics on key issues and developments in peace operations. The aim is to shape the debate by identifying critical challenges facing military, police and civilian peace operations, by promoting awareness of emerging issues and by generating recommendations for solutions for the consideration of the broader international peace operations community. It is a global network of Partners representing 49 peace operations organizations and departments from 22 countries.

Challenges Annual Forum 2014 - Beijing

Group Photo Challenges Annual Forum 2014 - Beijing

The Challenges Forum seeks to support informed policymaking through analysis, the generation of practical recommendations and to encourage their effective implementation at the international, regional and national levels. The flagship Annual Forum gathers leading officials, practitioners and academics from across the globe, and is, on a rotating basis, hosted by one of the Challenges Forum’s partner organizations. The Challenges Forum also holds smaller Expert Workshops and Seminars to discuss specific issues of particular relevance to current challenges and debates of the international peacekeeping community. The outcomes are presented and in some cases further developed upon in a Challenges Forum publication series including Annual Forum Reports, Occassional Papers and Policy Briefs, as well as occassional larger Synthesis Reports.

The Challenges Forum  is a unique network of partner organizations from all continents, including the major troop– and police– contributing countries, and from the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. It reflects the military, police and civilian dimensions of peace operations and endeavours to be a broad-based and inclusive network, representing diverse views and perspectives on the norms, concepts and practice of peacekeeping. The partners represent a mix of government agencies, peacekeeping training centres, think-tanks and research institutions.