Vision Mission and Concept

•To contribute to the enhancement of the international capability and capacities to plan, conduct and evaluate peace operations.
•To contribute to the enhancement of the global peace operations network of organizations and individuals working towards achieving sustainable peace.
•To establish an effective and efficient international mechanism for the facilitation of regular and inclusive sharing of best practices and lessons learned among relevant actors in the international and national peace operations communities.

•To contribute to the global dialogue on the analysis, preparation, implementation and evaluation of peace operations, to generate practical recommendations and to encourage action for their effective implementation.
•To enhance bilateral, regional and multilateral exchanges of experiences and practical cooperation, including between the headquaters and the field, and between academia, policymakers and practitioners.
•To provide regular input and advice on policy options to relevant actors in the international and national peace operations communities. 
•To organize the Challenges Annual Forum, Seminars and Workshops.
•To publish Challenges Forum Reports, Occassional Papers and Policy Briefs with recommendations to share with the United Nations, regional organizations and other organizations and stakholders in the peace operations community.
•To otherwise contribute to the international peace operations debate through participation in events organized by Partner Organizations, the United Nations and other relevant stakeholders.