Reports & Publications

The Challenges Forum publishes reports, papers and briefs on a regular basis with the aim to provide the international community with analyses, policy options and recommendations on current challenges and issues.

The result of Challenges Annual Forum is presented in the Challenges Forum Annual Report, including a number of targeted recommendations for the Partnership to follow-up on, and the international peace operations community to consider. In addition, the Challenges Forum publishes Occassional Papers, Policy Briefs and larger Synthesis Reports of particular relevance to the Partnership and issues and challenges addressed during Challenges Forum events. The Challenges Forum publications are authored by leading experts, policy-makers and practitioners from both Partner and non-Partner Organization, often working together, and edited by the Challenges Forum International Secretariat, who occassionally also authors publications. Some of the publications are translated by the Partner Organizations into the six official UN languages and are available for download on the website as well as in hard copy upon request.