Challenges Annual Forum Report 2016

On 8-9 May 2016, the Challenges Forum marked 20 years of cooperation in support of UN peace operations with the event ‘United Nations Peace Operations 2020: The UN Reviews and Their Implications for Tomorrow’s Missions’. This report is the result of that global dialogue on how to enhance the planning and conduct of modern peace operations. Deliberations drew on the findings and recommendations of the 2015 high-level and expert reviews related to UN peace operations, and considered recent progress made on their implementation as well as obstacles yet to be addressed.

The current “post-Reviews phase” calls for intensified and systematic follow up, action and implementation of the reviews’ findings. This report is offered for consideration and inspiration to ensure that UN peace operations are ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The report comprises a comprehensive summary of the presentations and discussions at the meeting, and includes recommendations derived from the speakers’ and participants’ views and proposals. Furthermore, brief summaries of recent key developments pertaining to UN peace operations are provided.

Many of the initiatives addressed in this report do not have to be put on hold until there is a new UN Secretary-General in place next year. There will be opportunities in the months ahead to progress many of the reforms, including at the Ministerial Meeting in London in September 2016.