Challenges Annual Forum 2021 – Climate and Environmental Security

This year’s Challenges Annual Forum (CAF) will gather partners and key stakeholders from across the globe in a hybrid event – in Germany, and virtually at #CAF21Berlin – to discuss and recommend how peace operations could more effectively address climate and environmental security risks and opportunities.

The 14th Annual Forum is organised by Challenges Forum International Secretariat (CFIS), together with our co-hosting partner German Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF), 1-3 December. 

#CAF21Berlin will gather all partners and other key stakeholders, providing a unique chance for policymakers, scholars, practitioners and civil society representatives to engage in high-level conversations as well as dialogue-driven workshops. All while networking and building stronger relationships.

Climate and Environmental security

The world’s climate is changing at an unprecedented pace, according to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, referred to as “a code red for humanity” by the UN Secretary-General. Changes in the climate could amplify existing security threats and affect peace efforts. Currently, half of the ongoing UN peace operations are located in countries most exposed to climate change. This means that 80 per cent of all UN personnel are deployed in such environments.

 There is a growing recognition that climate change affects missions’ mandate delivery, the ability to support peace and security, and most critically host communities’ efforts to build resilient and peaceful societies. Understanding climate and security risks will increasingly have to shape the debate on ongoing and future peace operations. Adapting to these environmental challenges could provide UN missions with new entry points for peacekeeping and peacebuilding.


As we remain in a global pandemic, we plan for a hybrid event in Berlin. This means that  some participants will travel to Berlin, while others will participate online. Different virtual and physical working groups will be created ensuring that all participants get an inclusive and rewarding experience. Professional expertise and high-technological equipment will support us in doing so. 

We believe that the Challenges Forum thrives on the personal engagement and active interaction among all its members and we are convinced that a hybrid event, combining physical and virtual formats will allow for a broad and global representation of the Partnership. We will nevertheless monitor the developments and adopt necessary precautionary measures during the event.

Three elements during three days

The Challenges Annual Forum 2021 will centre its dialogues around three relevant themes:

  • Analysing: Integrating climate risks into analysis and planning
  • Opportunities: Developing a people-centred approach to climate security opportunities
  • Partnerships: Exploring new avenues for collaboration


Invitations with detailed agenda and link for registration will be sent out to Partners end of October.