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The Challenges Forum’s publications series provides timely and relevant analyses in reflection of the Challenges Forum Partnership’s projects and policy initiatives.

Our reports, briefs and research papers offer targeted recommendations based on the most recent debates, inciting ground-breaking and thought-provoking arguments on peace operations policy reform. Publications are authored by leading experts, researchers and practitioners in this field and represent both partner and non-partner organizations.




Draft A4P Recommendations: Executive Outcome Report – Challenges Annual Forum 2019

The Challenges Annual Forum 2019 was hosted 10 to 11 June in Montreal by the Government of Canada. More than 120 participants from 30 countries. The theme for the annual forum was A4P-Improving on Political Strategy, Peacebuilding, Mission Management and Transitions to Enduring Peace.

  • Originator : Lisa Sharland
  • Year : 2019

POLICY BRIEF 2019:6 A4P and the UN-AU Partnership

The A4P identifies, in addition to seven other building blocks, the improvement of partnerships. Essentially, the focus on improving partnerships is to deepen the collective commitment of the UN and relevant international organisations including the African Union (AU) to collaboration and planning.

  • Originator : Dr. Linda Darkwa
  • Year : 2019

POLICY BRIEF 2019:5 Leadership and Cooperation to Strengthen Protection of Civilians

Protection of civilians (POC) has developed into a priority mandate of UN peace operations over the past 20 years. This brief proposes that leadership and cooperation could be important inter-linked denominators for balancing the potential tensions, and strengthening protection of civilians.

  • Originator : Anna-Linn Persson
  • Year : 2019

POLICY BRIEF 2019:4 Under the Blue Flag: Leadership and Strategic Communications in UN Peace Operations

This paper looks at the state of play of strategic communications for UN leadership in peace operations. It explains the existing communications architecture, highlights areas of weakness in the regime and recommends a new, more integrated and holistic approach while explaining the overall requirements and rationale for this shift.

  • Originator : Nick Birnback
  • Year : 2019

POLICY BRIEF 2019:3 The Politics of A4P

The Declaration of Shared Commitments on UN Peacekeeping Operations emphasizes “the primacy of politics” to conflict resolution.The phrase, popularized by the 2015 High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations (HIPPO) is now standard UN language. But what is the main political problem that Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) is supposed to solve?

  • Originator : Richard Gowan
  • Year : 2019

Represented by 50 peace operations organizations and departments

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