Partnership of Global Actors

The Challenges Forum is a partnership consisting of partners from all over the world with expertise needed to make a difference.

Partners represent all geographical regions of the world and the major contributors to peace operations. In addition, the partnership consists of organizations that correspond to key components in multidimensional peacekeeping and political missions. This is to ensure a partnership that reflects the spectrum of experience and expertise required in contemporary peace operations and makes the Challenges Forum a significant player in the global efforts to develop and improve peace operations.

I am impressed by the global nature of the Challenges Forum and the fact that all regions are represented. It reflects the development we have seen in peace operations… 

H.E. Mr Jan Eliasson, President of the United Nations General Assembly 60th Session

Organizations representing military, police and civilians are included in the Challenges Forum partnership. There is expertise on subjects like leadership, international relations, political affairs, security and justice reform, development, conflict resolution, concept and doctrine development in addition to military operations and policing.

The military is critical in creating a safe and secure environment for the mission to operate in and primarily deals with military threats. The police component focuses threats to law and order in addition to the important role to support the host government in re-building, training and in other ways developing the national police and other law enforcement agencies. The civilian component represents equally crucial aspects, including tasks related to political and governance issues and critical support and enabling elements.

The Challenges Forum invites new members/organizations/countries based on criteria to allow a balanced partnership that grows at a moderate pace. The hosting of an Annual Challenges Forum is a rotating responsibility and a requirement for new members.